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What is Nitro Coffee?

The technological evolution is pouring into cafes and dripping with naturally sweet and silky Nitro Coffee.

Introducing Nitrotaps private catering to bring Nitro Coffee to your door!

Whether it’s waking up to a campfire in the woods with friends, or sitting in a metro cafe rubbing shoulders with working artists or entrepreneurs meeting to discuss strategy, coffee has been helping us greet the morning sun together for generations of bohemians and bankers. The aromatic beauty lies in the integrity of the coffee beans and the process of steeping and brewing.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
NitroTaps Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee is just beans and water.

Coffee technology continues to develop and evolve as our taste grows more complicated. Welcome to Nitro Cold Brew. Nitro Coffee is the coolest trend to hit cafes since 2010 and we at Nitro Taps catering are here to bring the modern brewing science to your next event.

Creating Nitro Coffee from scratch means a long steeping process extending over 12 hours.

The Nitro Coffee process never includes heat and maintains the vivid flavor of the coffee beans and earth tones while also making increasing the caffeine percentage. After lengthy steeping, the coffee is ready to be infused with nitrogen. The steeped nitro coffee is sealed in a keg to be tapped just like beer.

Nitro coffee is canned or bottled and sold in grocery stores or independent cafes.

While this is a more cost efficient method, there are times when the cans are not stored or sealed properly, leaving the coffee dull and flat. Nitro Coffee has been compared to drinking Guinness Beer since they both infuse nitro to add the creamy texture and illuminate nutty flavors.

"Like the small pearls of carbonation found in champagne, Nitro Coffee tickles your throat with every sip."

When poured from a tap the smooth beverage maintains a silky froth head that has the same texture as a steamed milk latte, but without the heat or the acidic aftertaste that lingers in your breath for the rest of the day.

Nitro coffee has a sweeter taste, and a creamy mouthfeel, but it does not have any dairy or sugar and usually has low bitter acidity. It is a perfect drink for anyone who favors black coffee but sometimes wonders about the creamy texture that milk adds but without the unhealthy aftertaste and aggressive digestive issues. Because of the natural sweetness infused with the nitrogen, there is no need to add sugar, which help coffee drinkers to avoid heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. In fact, the higher caffeine potential may actually reduce the risk of diabetes, and speed up the metabolism enabling weight loss.

Did Nikola Tesla drink Nitro Coffee?

Nitro Coffee does not require much time to be made for order. It does not require fancy chrome equipment imported from foreign lands with cryptic instructions. The only hi-tech equipment used for the production of Nitro coffee is the unscented nitrogen gas canister application and perhaps the kegerators for ensuring the perfect pour.

Steeping can take between 12 and 20 hours.

Most of the preparation is done beforehand and is sealed into an air-tight keg to ensure the freshest pour ready for order. This makes the set up super easy and prime for a mobile cafe available for any private parties or public branding opportunities. Friends and coworkers will be beyond impressed with this classy and elegant refreshment.


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