Our Roasters

Our Roasters

How did NitroTaps curate the best roasters in the country? By drinking a lot of coffee. From household names like Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee to indie brands that roast coffee in small batches to highlight the unique and distinct characteristics of each coffee bean, our roasting partners are among the best in the country.

Seattle, WA

Smooth & Bold

Medium Roast

Portland, Oregon

Strong & Bold 

Dark Roast

Berkeley, CA

Bold & Fruity

Medium-Dark Roast

New Orleans, LA

Spicy & Crisp

Medium Roast- Dark Roast 

Chicago, IL

Clean & Smooth

Medium-Dark Roast

New York, NY

Crisp & Light

Light - Medium Roast

New York, NY

Clean & Crisp 

Light-Medium Roast

New York, NY


Thick & Bold

Dark Roast

Durham, North Carolina 

Fruity & Light

Medium Roast

Brooklyn, NY

Fresh & Fruity

Medium - Dark Roast

Also SERVING Tea & Kombucha

NitroTaps is excited to offer our clients the best teas and kambucha.

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