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Wedding Catering 

Indulge your guests in a luxurious coffee experience with NitroTaps Wedding Coffee Catering. Our dedicated staff will carefully walk you through creating your customized nitro coffee setup so that all your guests will be energized to cheer you on through the service and to party on your big day.

Coffee Catering for Weddings

Choosing the right coffee catering for weddings can be tedious, especially when you already have so many other aspects to plan for your big day! At NitroTaps we take the headache out of planning. We will present you with the ideal options to fit the theme and setting of your venue. We can accommodate all wedding venues, indoors or outdoors, large parties or small parties, and we’ll provide the coffee service that will leave you and your guests smiling. 

Custom Coffee Experience


We know that your wedding planning will take a lot of attention to detail, and providing you with a custom coffee experience for your wedding is something we excel at here at NitroTaps. NitroTaps carries the best coffee roasters in the world, including Starbucks Catering, allowing you to choose the combination of coffee that best suit you and your guests’ needs. But the customization doesn't stop there! Our NitroTaps bar can be wrapped entirely to feature your wedding insignia, as well as customizing your cups and napkins with your names and wedding logo. We know how important this day is for you and NitroTaps will work tirelessly to ensure that the coffee catering for your wedding is personalized to each one of your desires. 

Film & TV Coffee Catering

Corporate Coffee Catering

Coffee Catering

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