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About Us

NitroTaps started with a simple vision: serve nitro cold brew using the best roasters in the world while providing a fast and professional service to our consumers. Why nitro cold brew? Because it's sweeter and smoother, it’s 67% less acidic than hot brewed coffee, and the cold brew process eliminates bitter oils generally found in your average cup of joe. Once we have our cold brew prepared, we infuse it with nitrogen thereby creating a fuller body and creamy texture to our coffee for an end product that is low in calories and richer in flavor.


In order to bring our coffee vision to life, we built a stunning mobile coffee bar from scratch, just for our New York City catering clients. Fitted to make it through tight doorways and fully furnished with the newest coffee equipment, NitroTaps is ready to bring the nitro coffee experience into conference rooms, outdoor venues, retail stores, event halls, and more. So the next time you're looking for coffee service, choose NitroTaps to stand out with a truly unique experience, and rest assured that our professional team of baristas and event planners will make set up, service, and breakdown a breeze. Book NitroTaps below for your next event.


The hot nitro draft is unlike any other hot coffee I’ve ever had

Aaron G.

Easy set up, professional service, and smiling faces all around; NitroTaps was perfect for our business conference

John H.

I kept going back to try the different roasters, they just kept getting better and better

Samantha G.

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