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Film & TV Coffee Catering

Is your film production crew working long hours through the night to make the perfect content? Need an early rise to catch the sunrise and natural light window for the background setting of your television show? NitroTaps’ coffee service can make sure that your staff remains focused and energized throughout your filming process. 

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Premier New York Coffee Vendor

Nitro Coffee for Television Shows and Film Production

We’ve been told that the secret to a productive crew is a well-caffeinated crew. Nitro coffee is ideal for television and film production. Pick from a selection of the worlds best roasters and keep your crew happy with the best high-end nitro coffee right on set. We bring our A-game every day so that your crew can keep grinding and get that perfect shot. 

Coffee Bar Catering

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Our one-of-a-kind coffee bar set up is perfect for film and television set catering. Our draft nitro coffee bar can work without outlets and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor productions. Instead of wasting production time getting coffee and dealing with the long wait time, work with NitroTaps to bring the best roasters right to your set.

Wedding Catering

Expo & Conference Coffee Service

Corporate Coffee Catering

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