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Expo & Conference Coffee Service

NitroTaps is the ideal solution to serve your guests with our conference catering service. Our expo catering solutions are designed to work for multi-day conferences, and our unique modular bar allows us to cover multiple locations. NitroTaps has the capability to easily scale our experience for events of all sizes. Whether it’s a small conference or a large expo hall, NitroTaps has got you covered.

Well-known Roasters

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Premier New York Coffee Vendor

Expo Coffee Catering

Nitrotaps mobile coffee catering solutions boasts a team of experienced baristas and event planners that get your event up and running seamlessly. With an emphasis on quick and professional service by employing our nitro keg setup, NitroTaps prides itself on being a faster option than other coffee experiences, thereby leading to less congestion, happier customers, and a more positive flow for your event traffic. 

Mobile Coffee Bar


NitroTaps unique modular bar allows for set-up configurations that maximize the layout confines of your expo and conference halls. The modular bar is comprised of three small bars that can be combined to form a large eye-catching location, or can be separated into separate vending posts to maximize on multiple locations within a large venue. Our large bar can be placed as a twelve-foot central gathering point, but can also be broken down into smaller four-foot serving stations that can be strategically placed to accommodate large crowds effectively. 

Corporate Coffee Catering

Film & TV Coffee Catering

Branded Promotions 

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