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Cold Brewing - Why it's better:

Cold Brew is less acidic, sweeter, and a new trend that's here to stay

The best cup of coffee depends on a myriad of elements that can be controlled and perfected.

Although there are only a few ingredients, it is easy to mess up the process. There are a few different methods to brew coffee, but there are only two temperature variances that are typically utilized. Generally speaking, coffee is a hot brew, or a cold brew.

We are told to never boil the coffee.

Why? Well, the best temperature to brew coffee is around 205 degrees fahrenheit (or 96 degrees celsius). This temperature is referring to the combination of water and coffee grinds. It is important to be precise, because the moment you hit that boiling point (212 F or 100c) it becomes probable that you will burn the coffee, and thus, ruining your cup.

"We all know what burnt coffee tastes like, and that cup is as good as compost."

On the flip side, the process of cold brewing is different

Mostly because it does not use boiling water to steep, and relies more on time to liquify the blended, coarse, coffee grinds. The water temperature used to steep cold brew is near "room temperature" and requires at least seven hours to steep. However, most roasters will steep their cold brews between 12 and 24 hours to ensure the flavor profile is evident.

The lengthy steeping process leaves you with a "coffee concentrate," which is what differentiates a cold brew from regular coffee poured over ice, known as iced coffee. Have you ever wondered why cafes charge more for cold brew than they do for iced coffee? Well, because the cold brewing process takes hours of preparation, and they usually only prepare a finite amount to make sure none of it goes to waste.

Because the coffee brewing ends up as a concentrate, the amount of coffee to water ratio is higher in a cold brew, making the flavors more noticable and often leads to a higher caffeine percentage. It also diminishes the acidity level often found in hot brewed coffee, and adds that silky velvet-y mouthfeel.

Without the acidic bitter taste,

Cold brew requires less sweetener, but if you are still craving something a bit sweeter, we boast adding nitrogen. NitroTaps loves nitro coffee because it uses the amazing coffee produced from a cold steep, but there is a natural sweetener and creamy texture that comes with the additional steps of pumping nitrogen into the brew.

This is a coffee cup anyone will enjoy, and it is the most refreshing way to maintain focus no matter how long your day is. Bring this new wave of coffee engineering to your next event with NitroTaps catering. Bring your event to the next level with this new wave of coffee brought to you by Nitrotaps nitro engineering


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