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Have you tried Hot Nitro Coffee?

Nitro coffee is a trendy drink that’s been popping up in cafes for a few years now. This cold brew coffee is made with an infusion of nitrogen gas that many say improves the coffee’s taste and texture while maintaining a lower acidity than traditional coffee. You may have tried this cool drink in a can, or perhaps served on tap at your local Starbucks, but have you sipped on our hot nitro draft? It’s a must-try for hot coffee lovers.

NitroTaps created our premier hot nitro coffee in order to give our customers the exquisite feel and taste of nitro coffee, but with the added perk of sipping a hot brew that will comfort you during the chilly months.

Here are a few reasons why you should try our hot nitro coffee:

• Hot nitro coffee is healthier than average hot coffee.

• We start with cold brewed coffee, which makes the final nitro draft less acidic than traditional coffee.

• Hot nitro coffee is less bitter than traditional hot brewed coffee.

• Using nitrogen gives the brew a feeling of sweetness without any added sugar.

• Nitro coffee has a more foamy and rich texture than traditional coffee.

• Served straight from the tap, the look of nitro draft is comparable to beer, with a similar frothy head resting at the top of the glass.

We perfected the process of drafting our hot nitro coffee by slowly cold-brewing coffee for more than 12 hours and delicately infusing it with nitrogen, then running it through a hot draft machine in order to get a hot cup of coffee with the premium nitro cascade effect. Similar to the process of pouring our cold nitro coffee you know and love, we use nitrogen gas and stout faucets to serve you a smooth-brewed cup of joe with a nice creamy top.

If you’re a coffee lover, we believe that once you try our quality hot nitro coffee, you will forever change the way you look at your afternoon coffee break. You can even enjoy hot nitro coffee infused with flavors such as vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and chocolate. Nitro draft will continue to gain popularity as companies try infusing nitrogen into other beverages, as well.

The taste of our hot nitro coffee is unmatched. NitroTaps is the leading solution for New York’s mobile coffee catering needs, as we are focused on providing our customers with a premium nitro coffee experience. Our extensive connections across the coffee industry allow you to choose among some of the world’s most famous roasters. Immerse yourself in the latest coffee movement and book NitroTaps coffee catering for your next event. Check out our mobile coffee bar solutions here:


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