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Five Reasons Why You Should Have A Wedding Coffee Bar

The world of wedding planning is a long but necessary process. There is an important balance established between including the bride and groom’s favorites and also finding something for everyone. It seems as though the staple at every wedding is alcoholic beverages and fancy hors d’oeuvres. But there is an element that seems to be overlooked despite being included at every wedding. Everyone will agree, there should be a coffee bar before and after the wedding reception. Here are five reasons to include a morning reception wedding coffee bar:

1. Customizable cups and sleeves

Using a private coffee catering company, you can order your own cups that say whatever you want. With the right caterer, you could have a few options and make them fun and adorable. The customized cups and sleeves can match and provide an added flare to the wedding reception that might not be included in alcoholic bars.

2. Nitro Coffee

There’s coffee and then there is nitro coffee. When you begin to entertain the idea of a coffee caterer, you can open up the possibilities of artisan coffee and crafted nitro coffee. Most people know coffee, but this is a chance to impress the guests that might not have had the courage to purchase this new method of coffee brew. Nitro Coffee is cold brewed and infused with nitro to give it a naturally creamy texture without having to add any dairy.

3. High energy reception coffee bar

How many of us have been to weddings and had to leave early because of fatigue? How many of us have been to a wedding and drank too much before the party started? There is an opportunity at the reception to stock up on energy so the night does not fade too fast. Everyone knows that the best weddings are a marathon, so it makes sense to have some coffee before the dancing kicks into high gear.

4. A taste for any palate and any diet.

Everyone loves coffee. It is universally consumed and everyone has their favorite blend. The real aficionados have a very specific method to prepare their cup, and they will also surely appreciate a wedding coffee bar. If you really want to blow your coffee fans away, they will certainly enjoy the creamy naturally sweet nitro coffee. The baristas will most likely be excited about coffee themselves, and will always be more than happy to serve the customized cup just the way the guests want it.

5. Wedding coffee bar signs

Another lovely touch to make the night more exclusive are the possible nostalgic anecdotes and messages you can write on the wedding coffee bar signs. Since there is nothing being sold, coffee catering companies will focus on promoting the loving couple and all of their wonderful guests. Whether it is an inside joke or a sentimental phrase from their childhood, any bride or groom would love the opportunity to customize the wedding coffee bar signs.

Impress the guests at the reception with the trending wedding coffee bar, and it will be yet another memorable element to the unforgettable evening. A reception coffee bar will add energy and beverage alternatives so guests don’t have to get too drunk before the party begins and will ensure that the perfect evening never ends.


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