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With his new found abilities, Bryan begins to dream of winning the big game, but he realizes there are only two things he can control: his moves, and his attitude. 16 May 2014 22 January 2013 Lion-Rage is quite simply the most successful superhero movie we’ve ever seen. It’s not only a critical and commercial success that should matter. It should be a successful adaptation of the most popular comic book character of all time. It is a movie that has been proven to be an enjoyable experience time after time, and it provides a simple, yet incredible amount of entertainment. If you’re a fan of the character, and I’m sure we’re all aware, then Lion-Rage has to be the best outing to date. If you’re a newcomer to the MCU, then your expectations should be high from the very beginning. Marvel Studios’ post-Avengers success is undeniably an impressive one, and Lionsgate’s debut franchise film, which is also the first Disney film to earn over $500 million, is one of the most promising to date. What makes this different is that the comic version is taken from a point of view we are more familiar with, which is why the screen adaptation is so successful. What do I mean by this? Well, in the comics, the character was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez. The character’s back story is quite convoluted, but the important thing is that Wolfman and Perez set the stage for the character’s journey throughout the comic series, much like Tony Stark’s back story, which is why we know everything there is to know about him. In the Lion-Rage film, we meet a teenage Clark Kent, who is a resident of Smallville. He isn’t particularly an interesting character, and we’re not given any kind of insight to his personality, despite the fact that we know the character is quite well-written. This is the problem. The character is one that we’re familiar with, but in the film, we’re given very little to work with. This creates an issue because it’s almost impossible for a new fan to really care. The character is a bit hard to connect to, and we have to learn about his journey. In the comics, we’re given a somewhat complex backstory and




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HD Online Player (Thunderstruck Kevin Durant Full Movi) naitpelh
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